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At Neighbourhood you can become a part of a passionate team that is eager to make a personal difference in the life of one or more youths. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us, there are several ways to get involved. Choose one of the alternatives in the form below or scroll down for more information.


  • Homework sessions
  • Driving lessons
  • Practical helper
  • Facilitator
  • Activity-leader
  • Coach/mentor
  • Extra adult

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  • Excerpt from criminal records registry
  • That you accept with our values
  • Introduction of the organization and app


Be a part of our homework sessions where you as a volunteer get the chance to sit individually or in small groups with participants in order to solve school assignments together. The nature of the homework can vary a lot, but your biggest task is, for the most part, to help the student to understand the assignment, get started and keep their focus. This along with acknowledging, encouraging and getting to know your student creates the culture that we want in Neighbourhood.

There are no requirements or expectations of pedagogical training with us. You are welcome if you have a great respect for other people and want to be a part of helping someone else to flourish. Your smile and your patience will go a long way. Our times for the homework sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays 17:00-18.30.



As a reward for their finished quests, our participants can buy hours for driving lessons with a volunteer. This is an exciting opportunity where you as a volunteer get plenty of one-on-one time with the youth that you are mentoring. Our current volunteers testify to this being both fun and rewarding because you can get to know your student a little bit more and have the chance to talk about anything they want.

You as a volunteer you promise 10 hours at a time with the ambition of being done in a maximum of 15 weeks. You get help to get started from our coordinator, and then you and your student will be responsible for scheduling times yourselves based on what suits you.



In several of our activities there is always a need for someone who can be there and assist with practical details. This involves, for example, serving coffee and snacks during homework sessions, rearranging furniture before a ping-pong tournament, or cleaning up after a workshop. If you have an eye for what needs to be done in order for an activity to run smoothly, for keeping the premises clean and tidy, or for what can put an extra “cherry on top” of things, then you are warmly welcome to come and help boost our organization!


One of our focus areas is work, with the aim of preparing our participants for a life in the labour market, and as a part of this we offer internships. As a facilitator, you will go with one or several participants to their internships and coach them on how to do a good job. This often takes place during weekends and holidays when the participants are off from school. As a facilitator you get to choose if you want to do it as a one-time thing or if you want to support a participant over a longer period of time.


Some of our participants are interested in having an adult to lean on, someone to help them look forward and achieve their goals. If you like helping others to grow and develop, then you might be the mentor they need and long for.


If you enjoy leading and carrying out activities such as tournaments, trips, or leisure activities, then we have some fun tasks for you. You can participate as a helper or have a bigger responsibility based on what you are comfortable with. At Neighbourhood we have our holidays fully packed with fun activities for our youths. You are welcome to submit your interest in being part of our activity-team.


We strive towards having a high level of adult presence at Neighbourhood because we find that it makes a big difference. This is why you have a big role to play if you feel like doing homework or organizing activities is not something for you, but that you would still like to meet, care about, and be there for the youths in Neighbourhood. It is often about asking that question to the kid who does not seem to be having a very good day, having some extra time for the one who just needs to sit in peace and quiet for a while, or asking how it went on the test last week. Here we need both those who like to sit down in peace and quiet, and also those who likes to mingle and create a good atmosphere.


If you do not feel like any of the above-mentioned options suit you, but have your own idea of what you could contribute with, you are more than welcome to present your idea to us!


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