Collaborate with us


If you are a company, association, authority or some other organization, we would love to collaborate with you. We have plenty of ideas about what different collaborations can look like and are also happy to listen your suggestions and visions.


As a company you can make a big difference for our youths in many ways. We have some examples below of what a collaboration can look like and are happy to discuss new ideas and arrangements with you.

Become a place of internship – Be a place for work training or study visits in our preparatory activities for the working life.

  • Meet our participants
  • Strengthen their networks
  • Give them new experiences of the adult world and new social contexts
  • Make them feel seen, valued, and inspired

Recruit via Neighbourhood
Do you want to create job opportunities for youths with challenging circumstances? Do you want to minimize the risk of hiring someone who cannot meet basic workplace expectations?
Thanks to our points- and level-systems that show how long and how much the youths have participated at Neighbourhood, we can distinguish participants based on the requirements you want to set for job seekers.

Sponsor one of our rewarding trips
Do you want to make a specific financial contribution? As a company you can sponsor individual rewards to encourage our participants to get more involved in school.

Get engaged as a volunteer in homework sessions, driving lessons, mentorship, etc. (See Become a volunteer)


Do you have an association and long to recruit new participants from our target group? If so, we have a few suggestions on how we could collaborate.

  • Join us in organizing activities where our participants can test out your area of interest.
  • We would love for Neighbourhood to be a bridge into the Swedish social life and are happy to help you reach the target group and introduce your activities.
  • If you are looking for leaders to you association and want to do a joint leadership training with us, then that is an exciting collaboration-concept.


Are you interested in working with us but have an arrangement that does not match any of the above examples? Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a meeting.

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