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We get new positive testimonies all the time from participants who improve their school results, get jobs and break out of harmful groups. Read a few examples below.
I never would have made it through school if it wasn’t for Neighbourhood

Haydar began his journey with Neighbourhood in the fall of 2017. Back then he was in his first semester of high school and had failed his last eight examinations. Several reexaminitions had already been scheduled. Haydar wanted to collect points in order to go on a ski trip the following winter so he started attending homework sessions frequently in order to be able to have enough points to go on the trip.

Soon he got into a habit of studying and found himself paying more attention during classes. School did not seem as much of a problem when the homework was done and the assignments were handed in. During his time in high school, Haydar spent over 300 hours at our homework sessions and went on three ski trips, where he learned to master even the most difficult ski slopes.

Haydar also chose several meritorious rewards for his points. Two examples are a forklift license and  driving lessons at a driving school and with our volunteers. In the spring of 2020 he got his driver’s license. Soon after the volunteer he had been driving with offered him a job. In 2020 Haydar graduated high school having passed all of his classes. In the fall he began studying dentistry at university.

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I’ve never had a friend that succeeded and got into university before

In the spring of 2020 we had three participants who graduated high school and went straight on to universities in new cities for further studies. The result of these sucess-stories was that the amount of youths who wanted to join us increased significantly.

“I’ve been in the same class as him before and he was chaotic,” is something one of our applicants said, and continued: “It’s clear that he made it thanks to Neighbourhood. I’ve never had a friend who succeeded and got into university before”.

That our participants complete school, get into university and attain employment does not only increase the chances for themselves, it also creates hope and higher ambitions amongst their peers and younger siblings.

Neighbourhood helped me to fill my resume instead of my criminal record

When Ridwan came to us he had F or F-warnings in all of his classes in school. Within a couple of years he improved his situation in school and got into university directly after graduating high school.

During his time at Neighbourhood he got his driver’s license, worked internships and got job opportunities. He joined several ski trips arranged together with a youth group called The House. “These ski trips have changed my view of Swedes”, he said during one of the later trips, and pointed out that Neighbourhood has helped him to take another path in life than that of many of his peers.

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Last year I skipped pretty much all of my classes and thought that school was too hard

When “Abdi” (using an alias) came to us, his school had reached out to us asking for us to try and help him. They were worried and saw great difficulties in his school situation. Back then he had only three passing grades, and during his first semester with us this grew to nine.

“We can clearly see that Neighbourhood has given positive results for Abdi’s studies”, the guidance counselor at the school, with consent from the principal, expressed. During his second semester with us, Abdi himself said: “Last year I skipped pretty much all of my classes and thought that school was too hard. Now when I do my homework and attend my classes it isn’t that hard.”

Abdi means that once he received help with his homework, it became more fun to attend classes, which quickly changed his view on what opportunities he had ahead of him.

It has been so valuable for me to be a part of this. My view of these boys has changed completely.


I can clearly see that Neighbourhood has given good results for our students’ studies.

Guidance counselor

My client says he is a part of your organization and that he does his homework with you. I just wanted to call and see if it was true because it sounded a bit too good to be true.

Social secretary


We conduct thorough follow-ups on the journeys of our participants. With the help of the app and our zero-measurement survey we collect extensive statistical data which, with the help of a research team from Linnéuniversitetet (LNU), is evaluated and functions as a basis for our effect measurement. The app is a helpful administrator that compiles lists of attendance, personal successes and results as a group. In addition to this we also do an extensive questionnaire survey with every participant that applies for a place with us.

These two data sets, along with data from Statistics Sweden (SCB), is examined and evaluated by a research team from LNU which, during a ten-year period, will follow-up to what extent Neighbourhood benefits our participants’ chances to be established on the labour market.

In the pursuit of gathering relevant data for follow-ups we also receive support from LNU and the Research Institutes of Sweden (RiSE).


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