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Hårda tag eller nya tag?

A mini-documentary about breaking the exclusion. The documentary is produced by Elias Granrot and Hannes Oredsson, Bildad Media in co-production with Jonathan Ekros Neighbourhood.

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If it wasn’t for Neighbourhood, my criminal record probably would’ve been full. Now I have a full resume instead.
– Ridwan Ali, Former participant

Our students can get on the right track with Neighbourhood’s help. Their work has been, and is, a great help to us.
– Torbjörn Öberg, Principal

Neighbourhood is doing what many shy away from: the right thing instead of the easy thing. Homework sessions to complete school, and activities preparing the youth for the job market can be life-changing for them.
– Oliver Rosengren, Member of Parliament

I had eight failed tests behind me and was moments away from dropping out of high school when I started here. But now, thanks to Neighbourhood, I have graduated high school without any F’s and am studying dentistry at university.
– Haydar Mashin, Former participant

I think this is a good project. We need it, and our students needs it. A concrete example is a student who returned to school because of Neighbourhood’s contact with the family through an older sibling.
– Robert Eriksson, Principal

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